WWE bans many new words

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WWE bans many new words

Throughout the history of WWE, several words have been literally banned by the federation, both as a matter of morale, as a matter of safety, and as a simple whim of the company's Chairman, Vince McMahon, who occasionally thinks that certain terms go to negatively affect the storylines and promos of his fighters, in front of a very wide audience such as that of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown.

It is well known that the Chairman literally gives ultimatums and/or threats to his fighters on some occasions, such as the fine for those who kicked their leg while performing a Superkick, a very famous move, which sometimes needs an additional "sprint", which comes with the sound of the slap.

Apparently, in the last few hours, the list of "forbidden words" from WWE would also emerge and we obviously want to reveal it to you in full.

WWE adds numerous words to its blacklist

Thanks to what has emerged in the last few hours on the pages of the well-known overseas site F4WOnline, we become aware of those words that are not used on-screen by the company's wrestlers, due to some problem or thought by the Chairman.

These terms are as follows: Blood, choke, belt, strap, Diva, headshot, trauma, kayfabe, Mofos, house show, DQ, The Anti-Diva, spinal injuries, victim, violence, violent, wrestling, wrestlers, WWF, wifebeater, curb stomp, sentences which include the word 'push' or 'go over', babyface, heel, job, jobber, card, strangle, kill and murder.

Paradoxical how WWE executives have also included the word wrestling in this list as if to say that WWE offers an entertainment sport-show, which has nothing to do with professional wrestling but so be it. We will see if over the next few days new words emerge from this list or if more clarity will be made on the non-use of certain terms by the number-one pro-wrestling company in the world.

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