Is Ryback about to make his comeback?

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Is Ryback about to make his comeback?
Is Ryback about to make his comeback?

Whenever Allen Reeves, known to all as Ryback, intervenes on Twitter or on podcasts of any kind to talk about wrestling, his words must always be taken with a grain of salt. The former competitor of Tough Enough, a former member of the Nexus and a former "Paul Heyman Guy" is in fact one of the most famous "Faces of the company" that the WWE has tried to bet on in recent years.

The sensational flop of his career, however, has led him since his farewell to Stamford in 2016 to often and willingly spit poison on the federation that made him famous. That is why his triumphant announcement of the last few hours must be weighed up.

But it's also fair to give him space, as Ryback says he's close to getting back into wrestling. What Ryback triumphantly said on Twitter is that his return is near, and it's practically done. He didn't specify where he should resume fighting, but WWE appears to be out of the question for all of the above reasons.

"You are not the most famous professional wrestler in TikTok even though you have not been in a match for three years without a reason. Your hero is coming back, he will soon and you will cheer me because you believe in what I do," wrote an enthusiast.

Ryback, who added the hashtag #Hungry. "Hungry", that is. As his old "Feed me more" constantly suggested. But who will offer Ryback a contract? In his own words, it could be AEW. Even if from Jacksonville, in this sense, there is a lack of confirmation.

New details on Ryback's future

Last year, Ryback said on his podcast that he would be interested in wrestling with some of AEW's top stars. He said, "I think Kenny Omega and I would have great chemistry together. Cody is at the top of the business right now.

I think there's a lot of money involved, which allows for big investments. And obviously, Chris is at AEW. Jericho, that is the absolute person I have preferred to work with during my career." About five hours later, Ryback himself added a further clue about his hypothetical arrival in AEW, talking about a friendship with Miro that could go back to being a working relationship with a colleague.

"It was nice to see Miro today. But it will be even better to see him again later," wrote the former Skip Sheffield. Ryback, in short, seems absolutely convinced of the fact of him. It remains only to establish whether AEW itself shares what he himself has stated in these hours.

Especially since we are talking about an athlete whose reputation as a brawler has far exceeded the memory of his strength in the ring. So much so that, several times, Ryback asked fans where they would prefer to see him return and, poll after poll, the majority of the votes always went to the hypothesis "withdrawal".

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