Paul Heyman selects his dream team for Survivor Series

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Paul Heyman selects his dream team for Survivor Series

His role as Mad Genius and well-known manager of the WWE has led Paul Heyman over the years to always be the protagonist. In the past we have noticed him as a manager who launched among the greats and partly created the myth of Brock Lesnar and recently, he was the adviser of Roman Reigns, wrestler currently WWE Universal Champion and ruler of the roster not only of Smackdown but of the entire main roster.

In the course of a recent interview with the Z100 microphones, Paul Heyman dealt with various topics. He also spoke about his dream team for Survivor Series, mentioning that he wanted Roman Reigns and the Usos to be part of the team.

Heyman also added himself to the mix stating that he would never need to tag in because The Bloodline was capable of taking on any four individuals inside the squared circle.

Paul Heyman on his dream team for Survivor Series

Paul Heyman made his Dream Team to the field at the Survivor Series and the choices don't seem, to be honest, surprising.

Here are his words: "In my Dream Team I would obviously put Roman Reigns and Usos and honestly I will also put myself in it because there will never be the need to give me the Tag, the three of them can easily manage any other among four wrestlers in the whole planet." In addition to talking about the recent experience at Madison Square Garden, Heyman also had nice words for another WWE Tag Team, namely the Streets Profits.

Here are the words of the Mad Genius: "If we put the exception of the Usos, the Streets Profits are the strongest Tag Team of the last 20 years. It's a shame because they are on the same roster and will never be champions, the titles will always remain with the Usos." During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, for the occasion held at Madison Square Garden, they were one step away from the success that seemed really close but that was stopped in extremis by the intervention of Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief intervened when Montez Ford had made a Frog Splash on Jimmy Uso and was preparing to pin him, but the WWE Universal Champion intervened and hit him with the Guillotine Choke causing the referee to be disqualified.

The Tribal Chief kicked off the latest SmackDown episode at Madison Square Garden by asking the New York crowd to acknowledge him. The Beast then interrupted the festivities, walked down to the ring, and created an awkward moment by asking Paul Heyman why he never told The Head of the Table that he would be returning at SummerSlam.