*Spoiler* Big E is officially the new WWE Champion

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*Spoiler* Big E is officially the new WWE Champion

During yesterday evening, sensational news left WWE Universe fans a little hesitant, namely the fact that Big E was planning to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase during tonight's Monday Night Raw episode. Obviously, the move was a bit risky, because the holder of the briefcase always has on his side the possibility of cashing in at any time of the year, against any champion and obviously without saying anything, arriving at the last second, while instead Big E, he might not have taken WWE champion Bobby Lashley by surprise by not getting any advantage.

In the end, however, Big E kept his promise and showed up in the Monday Night Raw ring to challenge the All Mighty and did it in the best way, becoming the new WWE World Champion.

Big E is officially the new WWE Champion

During the night, like every Monday, on the USA Network TV screens, the WWE flag show was aired, where the absolute champion of the red roster, Bobby Lashley was expected in a match against Randy Orton, valid for the title again.

in possession of the All Mighty. The champion managed to win the Monday Night Raw main event with no small difficulty, but he thought it well to continue to attack his opponent even in the post-match, injuring his knee while attacking Orton.

Soon after, however, Big E entered the scene, as promised and Bobby Lashley tried in vain to refuse to challenge him for the title too, but the contract contained in the briefcase was clear. After a match starts in which Lashley seemed to have the upper hand, Big E hit the champion's weak point, that is, the knee just injured against Orton and hitting him with a sensational Big Ending, thus winning the first world title of his career.

in the WWE rings, becoming the fifth former NXT champion to win a world title on the main roster in WWE history, as well as one of the very few black athletes to win a world title with the McMahons. For six months, Lashley dominated RAW, and it's only fitting that Big E made the jump from SmackDown to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The funny part is that Big E wasn't even subtle about his cash-in. He announced beforehand on Twitter that he intended to cash in his briefcase on RAW. His role seemed to be more psychological at first, as he was constantly getting in Bobby Lashley's head.