*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss came out with a gift for Charlotte Flair

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*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss came out with a gift for Charlotte Flair

The episode opens with a segment that saw RK-BRO, Bobby Lashley and MVP as protagonists, but they are interrupted by Big E who says he intends to cash in his briefcase tonight. MVP also lets us know that the title match has been moved from Extreme Rules to Raw so as not to disturb the one for the couple titles.

After an exchange of words between those present in the ring, Bobby Lashley throws the briefcase out of the ring and Randy gives him an RKO. Charlotte Flair was booked to take on Shayna Baszler on RAW. She defeated Nia Jax last week and looked to do the same against Baszler in the non-title match.

Jax did not accompany her partner to the ring as Baszler walked out to face the RAW Women’s Champion. The Queen took control of the match early and took Baszler down with a crossbody followed by a couple of slams. After the match, Alexa Bliss came out with a gift for the RAW Women’s Champion.

Flair opened it and found her own version of Lilly named Charly. The crowd started chanting "Charly" as the two women got into a brawl. Bliss ended the segment by taking down the RAW Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair defeated Nia Jax last week

Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler After the break Charlotte is interviewed in the Gorilla Zone before making her entrance followed by Shayna Baszler for their match.

The two fight giving their best making a great match, but at a certain point Nia Jax arrives, who we saw in a video during the entry of Shayna, while the two were having a confrontation. It is the Samoan who then distracts her ex-partner, allowing Charlotte to win.

After the match Alexa Bliss arrives with a gift for Charlotte: THE CHARLY DOLL! Basically the creepy doll version of Charlotte that you can already find on the WWE shop and that I will definitely get a gift for my birthday.

After the champion then throws it at Alexa, she attacks her sending her out of the ring as she lifts her belt. Charlotte Flair then takes a shot at Bliss by saying that she doesn’t know her taste because she has been busy collecting dolls while he has been collecting championships.

“A gift, how nice, but I don’t think you know my taste. Because while you’re too busy collecting dolls, I’m busy collecting championships. You know there comes a time in your life when you leave your dolls at home,” Charlotte said.