*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy answered Damian Priest's open challenge

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*Spoiler* Jeff Hardy answered Damian Priest's open challenge

WWE United States Championship Match: Damian Priest (C) vs Jeff Hardy Finally we see Jeff Hardy fighting in a much more interesting and important match after the protests of the fans last week for the bad use of him. But before the match, Sheamus sits down at the commentator's table to annoy him a bit.

After a good contest, the champion keeps the title and Sheamus, at the end of the match, enters the ring and hits Priest with his Brogue Kick, which is then returned by Priest.

It will be interesting to see if Damian Priest comes back

In a ridiculous turn of events, Jeff Hardy chased the 24/7 Championship on WWE RAW last week.

It was lazy writing at best and disrespectful at worst. Thankfully, the creative team had a better plan for The Charismatic Enigma on this Monday's show. He answered Damian Priest's open challenge for the United States Championship that led to an entertaining match between both superstars.

Both Hardy and Priest took turns asserting their dominance throughout the match. The champion had to give his best against a motivated veteran, which led to an engaging in-ring narration on WWE RAW. Meanwhile in the Gorilla Zone there is Rhea Ripley preparing for her match against Natalya, with Nikki ASH at her side, but the two are interrupted by the two duo champions and then start fighting until Sonya Deville intervenes and adds to the evening.

a match between Nikki and Tamina. The beauty is that instead of saying "Nikki A.S.H" she says "Nikki A.H.S." Basically American Horror Story. No I'm sorry Sonya, you have the wrong person, Alexa Bliss was there before.

Nikki A.S.H. (with Rhea Ripley) vs Tamina (with Natalya) Tamina dominates the match with her physical power, with the almost superheroine trying to respond to blows as best she can and in the end she wins thanks to a Tornado DDT, but there is a problem...

Tamina's music starts and the announcer says that the Samoan won, when in reality it was Nikki. Dunno, Nikki confuses me all apparently. After the match Tamina attacks Nikki and Natalya attacks Rhea. The match at Extreme Rules was supposed to be between Rk-Bro and Lashley & MVP for the Raw Tag Team titles and the WWE Championship.

However, it’ll be a singles match between The Viper and The Almighty for the WWE Championship on WWE Raw. Now, the singles match is still listed. Hence, the match on Raw could end with a twist that might make the Extreme Rules match a possibility as well. Nevertheless, Orton and Lashley will face each other at Extreme Rules as well in the tag team match.