*Spoiler* Natalya and Tamina close to changing their characters

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*Spoiler* Natalya and Tamina close to changing their characters

The match begins with Randy Orton exiting and re-entering the ring playing with his opponent's mind, trying to create frustration in him. At one point Randy Orton is about to RKO the champion, but Lashley avoids him and gives him a spear that seems to put an end to the game, but Orton doesn't give up.

Shortly after the Viper avoids an attempt at Hurt Lock by turning her into RKO, but when he is about to pin Lashley, MVP pulls him to the edge at which point Riddle gets angry and argues with the manager who gets an RKO from Orton that when back in the ring can not escape the champion's spear who backs him while retaining the title.

At the end of the match then, while the Bro is helping his friend on the ground, Lashley attacks him and slams him against the stake outside the ring and does the same with Randy on the commentator table, even if he hurts his leg.

AND HERE COMES MISTER MONEY IN THE BANK BIG AND CASH OUT !!!! But ... we have to wait because there is a break. When he returns from the break Big E has no patience anymore because Lashley does not decide to fight and therefore gives him a slap and the two start giving her a good reason and Big E also comes out of a spear, but then BIG ENDING AND WE HAVE A NEW WWE CHAMPION !

The rest of the New Day comes out and celebrates with him and the fans who go crazy throughout the arena. Do you want to know the absurd thing? This for me is the second time as a writer of the Raw report and for the second time I comment on a collection of Money in the Bank 2021… absurd!

Congratulations Big E, you deserve it! Here ends the story of this episode which in my opinion was not so bad, we know that Raw is going through a difficult period, but with the Draft announced during the episode for 1 and 4 October, maybe the cards on the table they can change and there may be better management of the various storylines.

Tamina and Natalya have been the reigning WWE Women's Tag Team titles for a while now, with their latest assignment being on RAW. As the Women's Tag Team Champions, they're essentially the only full-time superstars on the roster who can jump from brand to brand defending their titles.

Rhea Ripley submitted Natalya

Even though Nikki A.S.H emerged victorious, Tamina was announced the winner and her music started playing in a pretty memorable botch.Between the two matches, there was a beatdown on Ripley and Nikki A.S.H., with Natalya and Tamina quietly turning heel in the process.

Lately, they've been feuding with the newly-formed tag team of Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Since they teamed up on the RAW after SummerSlam, Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. have only tasted victory.