New details on Samoa Joe's current status

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New details on Samoa Joe's current status

As we reported this morning, the current NXT Champion Samoa Joe, had to make his title vacant, due to the arrival of yet another injury that will force him to stay away from the rings of the yellow show and in general from those of the whole company.

Although despite the news of the title having been removed from the hips, no other details would have been released on the physical situation of the athlete, at the moment it seems that the situation around the former US Champion and three times NXT Champion is increasingly nebulous, with the well-known overseas journalist, Dave Meltzer, who would have even raised very strong doubts about his future in-ring with the crew of the yellow show.

Apparently, the story of yet another injury would not stand up totally, with the well-known Observer journalist who would then try to make a detailed analysis of what is happening to the athlete, at least from what the information was.

that he would get from some sources inside WWE.

Backstage news on Samoa Joe

As revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in fact: "It's a very weird story. Samoa Joe's still with the company. But I don't know if he's going to fight a lot anymore because the only thing I've officially heard from WWE, contacting inside sources, is that a lot of people don't really know.

nothing of this story - apparently not even at NXT, many would know what is happening, by the athlete's own admission. But officially, I was told that he was summed up more with the steward figure or whatever he was, as a front executive figure, rather than as a wrestler, so that should be his job now.

The thing between him and Kross had gotten really very interesting, which was a big deal for NXT, but now they're going in a different direction. The fact that he has not been able to lose the title (in a match instead of making it vacant) blows me away.

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this story. If he had been able to fight in two or three weeks, or in any case in a short period of time, what was the point of taking the title off him like that? It does not make sense.

There is a lot of mystery and there are sure to be many more details coming out over time. But my impression is that he will struggle a lot less in the future because again, the idea of ​​NXT at the moment is to build stars for the future and Joe is in his 40s, so he will always be more of a coach and a coach rather than an athlete, so I was told."