*Spoiler* The reason for Big E's incredible success revealed

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*Spoiler* The reason for Big E's incredible success revealed

During the main event of the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired this night, WWE wanted to give a surprise, not so unpredictable, to its fans. During yesterday evening, in fact, Big E had confirmed how he would have tried to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase right on Bobby Lashley, during the episode of the red show broadcast on USA Network.

After a fairly tough match against Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley was also injured in his knee, because he was not happy with what he did to his enemy and therefore he had seen fit to continue to attack him even in the post-match, throwing him against the comment table.

of the show. All this, however, led the absolute champion of Raw to remain bruised, with Big E who immediately took this opportunity and thus beat the All Mighty with the title of WWE Champion at stake, becoming for the first time in his career WWE world champion.

Big E is officially the new WWE Champion

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, originally, WWE wanted to keep this sensational win for Big E on the evening of the Monday Night Raw Draft and therefore for the 4th of October.

However, everything was anticipated due to the strong competition that is making the WWE suffer from the World Series of American football, with the management of the McMahon-owned company that has preferred to anticipate this scenario, broadcasting it directly tonight on Monday Night Raw.

In practice, the plans had already been decided for weeks, but the WWE simply had to anticipate the thing, with the victory of Big E which came two weeks earlier than expected, but which had already been decided also for the previous date, so Lashley's reign was long ago marked.

We will see how the plans for Extreme Rules will change now, which initially still saw the clash between All Mighty and Randy Orton and which could now turn into a Triple Threat or a 1 vs 1 match between Big E and Bobby Lashley.

TV ratings are a big deal to WWE, even if they try to make anyone else think otherwise. Pay-per-views are obviously important, but in the larger picture, weekly TV serves a bigger purpose. The television broadcast revenue that WWE gets is their biggest source of revenue.

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