Kurt Angle reveals the hardest part of being a WWE star

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Kurt Angle reveals the hardest part of being a WWE star

Kurt Angle was one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era, despite the overwhelming skepticism that hovered over him early in his career. The 52-year-old from Mount Lebanon is the only superstar ever to have held the WWE Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship and IWGP Third Belt Championship.

Angle was inducted into both the TNA Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame and is unanimously recognized as the most technically skilled wrestler of any era alongside Chris Benoit. During the last episode of his now-famous podcast, the former Olympic gold medalist said that being the WWE champion is by far the hardest thing for a wrestler to manage.

Kurt Angle was one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era

"Being the WWE champion means you are there every single night," Kurt Angle began. “You are always engaged in the longest matches on the show, no matter if it's a live event, a pay-per-view or a weekly episode.

You have to get it in your head that you will always be busy. In a way, it's like you have to carry the company on your shoulders. On the one hand, it is a huge responsibility, while on the other you have to be ready for such a thing.

There is a lot of pressure and not everyone is able to handle it. You're the one who sells tickets. This thought is present in your mind, which does not help you keep calm. Obviously, there are many other superstars helping ticket sales, but the WWE champion is the one who has the most responsibility of all” - explained Kurt.

Angle's official retirement took place at WrestleMania 35, after losing to Baron Corbin in a match that disappointed both fans and insiders. In the episode of NXT on May 27, Angle made an appearance as a special referee in the 'Fight Pit match' between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher, which the latter won.

Later, he was seen backstage at SmackDown promoting Riddle's debut on the main roster. Kurt Angle broke his neck more than once during his career. Kurt Angle broke his neck during the buildup to the Olympic Games. Six months before the games, during the semi-final of the national trials, his opponent dropped him on his head, resulting in the breaking of his neck.

As a result of the fall, he herniated two disks, cracked two vertebrae, and pulled four muscles in his neck. He was 3-0 down following the injury in that match, but he continued and managed to win 4-3 in the last minute. However, throughout the process, he was in a lot of pain.