Vince Russo takes a shot at Alexa Bliss

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Vince Russo takes a shot at Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss sent a message to Charlotte Flair in this week's episode of Raw, waiting for the showdown between the two that will be staged at Extreme Rules. During her WWE career, the 30-year-old from Columbus held the Raw Women's Championship three times, the SmackDown Champion title twice, and the Women's Tag Team Championship twice alongside Nikki Cross.

She also won the 2018 Money in the Bank ladder match and became the second Triple Crown Champion in the history of the Stamford federation. After the release of Bray Wyatt from WWE, numerous fans and industry pundits did not like the direction the Alexa character took.

During the latest edition of 'Legion of RAW', former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo admitted that he didn't understand what the company's real plans are for the Raw star.

Vince Russo slams Alexa Bliss

“I didn't really understand the nature and purpose of Alexa Bliss' character, I have to be very honest.

I sensed that there is a parallel with the Joker and Harley Quinn, but it is not clear to me where they want to go," Vince Russo confided. “Kids definitely love that character and the whole doll thing, but I'm 60 and I think the show has to be for all kinds of viewers.

This character connotation is not for me,” he added. The use of the Lilly doll does not convince Russo at all: "You are doing your utmost to get the right recognition from the public. I can't say anything bad about her performance in the ring.

Everything else does not convince me. A week ago Lilly had magical powers, but the following week they disappeared. Blessed are those who manage to understand something in such a mess”. After concluding her alliance with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss has opened a new program called 'Alexa' s Playground', where, in each episode, she is accompanied by the now-famous Lilly doll.

The Miz was also scheduled to appear on the show and was going to wrestle John Morrison. The former WWE Champion didn't appear as well and the reason behind his absence isn't known yet. Vince McMahon has turned WWE into a global media giant over the past few decades.

He has been instrumental in professional wrestling's crossover into the mainstream. RAW has been WWE's flagship show over the years, but SmackDown has taken over as the company's premier program with its move to FOX.