Who will be Big E's next opponent?

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Who will be Big E's next opponent?

The last episode of Monday Night Raw saw sensational twists. In the Main Event, Bobby Lashley defended his title against the Legend Killer Randy Orton and after a very interesting match, the wrestler managed to successfully defend his kingdom.

All this for a little while longer. In fact, as he had announced a few hours earlier on social media, Big E decided to collect his briefcase and taking advantage of a leg injury from The All Mighty hit the champion with the Big Ending and thus became, for the first time in his career, WWE Champion.

This WWE move appeared quite surprisingly and there is curiosity on the part of the WWE Universe to understand how now the feud will continue and what will be the future of Bobby Lashley and the new kingdom of Big E.

Vince Russo opens up on Big E

During the usual post-Raw appointment with the Sportkeeda Wrestling Legion of Raw column, the sx member of the creative team of the red show Vince Russo spoke with Dr.

Chris Featherstone and commented on how things will go for him. Here are his words: "I assume except for absurd things that the rematch between Big E and Bobby Lashley will take place in the Pay per View of Extreme Rules on September 26.

I really believe that WWE destroys Big E once and for all if it takes away the title immediately and therefore you have to find a way to make Lashley lose and I'm sure it will go like this, Goldberg will kill the now former champion, I really think it will go like this." The main reason for this, according to Russo, is Saudi Arabia.

On October 21st WWE will be in Arabia for the Crown Jewel event and if things go like this then we will see a match between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg (no title obviously up for grabs) in Saudi Arabia. WWE returns to Arabia after almost two years with the pandemic linked to Covid-19 which had not only prevented the public from attending but also Vince McMahon's company from carrying out shows abroad.

Big E, on his Busted Open Radio appearance, said that Becky Lynch approved of the possible relationship with her mother and that it would make him her stepfather. He joked that since Becky Lynch is a grown woman, he doesn't need to spend any money, raising her.

He went on, saying: "I'm currently childless. So, if you're gonna start with your first child, how about being a champion? It's ready-made. I don't have to wait twenty years for her to turn into something decent. She's already there!" said Big E.