Big E officially moves to Raw?

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Big E officially moves to Raw?
Big E officially moves to Raw?

During the main event of the last episode of Monday Night Raw last Monday, Big E managed to beat the WWE Champion in office, Bobby Lashley, cashing in the titled chance to which his Money in the Bank briefcase was entitled, won in the Stamford-based company's pay-per-view of the same name.

After a very tough match against Randy Orton, from which Lashley had managed to come out as the winner, an ominous attack on the commentator table, had led the All Mighty to suffer a bad blow to the knee, which had made him weak in the fight with Big E, who thus managed to get his hands on the world title for the first time in his career.

Instead of chasing Roman Reigns' Universal title, then, Big E preferred to cash in on Bobby Lashley, with fans now wondering if Big E will bring WWE Championship to Friday Night Smackdown or if he'll change rosters, after the sensational victory of his life.

This marked Big E's first world title win in WWE

According to what is confirmed by the pages of the well-known overseas site, PWInsider, Big E should now remain stable in the rings of the red flag show of the McMahon company, with its arrival in the rings of Monday Night Raw which will thus see the meeting of the New Day, a stable of which Big E was still part, but which was first divided by the two rosters.

While there is the possibility that Big E will return to Smackdown anyway in a few weeks, with the annual Draft that WWE will stage in early October, it is very unlikely that Big E will now change rosters once again, thus remaining on Raw, alongside his two longtime friends.

As long as the two world titles remain separate, it is therefore clear that Roman Reigns and Big E will also remain separate in two different rosters, despite the clash between the two seems to become more and more concrete, given the recent clues and rumors that have emerged online also thanks to WWE.

This marked E's first world title win in WWE. He was joined by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in the post-match celebrations. The New Day once again seems to be reunited and is back in full force. The New Day member had promised earlier on Twitter that he would cash in his Money in the Bank contract on RAW, and that's exactly what he did. In doing so, Big E ended Lashley's title reign at 196 days.

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