Could The Hurt Business be back in WWE soon?

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Could The Hurt Business be back in WWE soon?

In the last period, in WWE, we have seen several splits of large stables that have lasted for some time, such as the Undisputed Era, The Hurt Business, the Retribution and other teams composed of even just two people, such as the Heavy Machinery of Otis.

All the components of these stable, in the end, went ahead on their own in single, except for very rare cases such as Mace and T-Bar, which continued their path on the WWE main roster as a couple. One of the stables that the WWE Universe loved most of all and that in the end also clamored against the management, once the split took place, was the Hurt Business of former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who until a few months ago he was followed by MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

After attacking them live on Monday Night Raw, the absolute champion of the red roster had decided to go on his way in single, helped only by the brave manager with the stick: MVP. Apparently, however, the WWE may have in mind to put the team back together, despite the split having come in the worst possible way, with the four that they gave themselves to a good reason and in every way.

The Hurt Business broke up on the road to WrestleMania 37

According to some clues left here and there on their personal social networks, it would seem that the direction that the WWE and the former members of The Hurt Business are following, is precisely to put the team back on its feet, with MVP and Cedric Alexander writing some messages not quite far from each other in recent weeks.

A few days ago, MVP posted a photo in the company of Shelton Benjamin, on a flight that was taking them from Houston (the city where they both live) to the venue from which Monday Night Raw, with the All Mighty manager, would air.

who wrote: "Discussing business with an old acquaintance." While instead, after the sensational defeat on Monday suffered by the now-former WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander wanted to leave this message to the two former allies: "If only I had someone watching your back." It's safe to say that Bobby Lashley isn't happy about how his title reign came to an end.

He was a dominant WWE Champion and defeated several big names during his run with the belt. It won't be a surprise if fans get to see The Hurt Business reunite in the near future. What do you make of MVP's Instagram post? Would you like to see The Hurt Business reunite in the coming weeks?