Why did Mandy Rose appear on NXT?

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Why did Mandy Rose appear on NXT?

Last night the episode of what has been called NXT 2.0 aired, with the former yellow-black show that has now become super colorful that debuted a new logo and a new stage. But these weren't the only changes made to the show, in fact even one of the top superstars on the female roster decided to completely upset her look by driving everyone crazy.

This is Mandy Rose, who is currently at the head of this all-female stable that is definitely showing off with various surprise attacks on the rest of the women's locker room. Mandy has abandoned the role of the blonde to switch to a look with long brown hair.

Obviously, the WWE Universe split in their judgment, but most fans approved. It must be said that it was probably also necessary for the image of the stable, because Jacy Jayne is already practically blonde, while Gigi Dolin has orange hair, so a brunette or a brunette could be a good solution to diversify the group.

Mandy Rose has been known to make a splash with her trademark blonde hair and fiery good looks. That trademark blonde hair received a drastic change on the debut episode of WWE NXT 2.0 this week. During a backstage segment with her allies Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, they teased a new look as Rose sat down completely covered in a hoodie.

During a tag match that saw Dolin and Jayne face Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter, Rose interfered and unveiled her new look.

Mandy Rose began her WWE career in 2015

In July Mandy Rose was moved from the main roster to NXT and if her role seemed unclear at first, we have understood her intentions over time and now we know that she is a leader and a full-time fighter.

The woman is doing a great job, in and out of the ring and is certainly more prominent than what she has been doing lately on the main roster alongside Dana Brooke, although we saw them just before the transfer chasing Natalya's duo titles.

and Tamina. Now this alliance of her with Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin is making her grow a lot and the three are establishing themselves in a women's division that is booming after various changes with some athletes who have been removed or sent to the main roster.

Now let's see what they want to do with this stable, what direction they want to take, maybe we will be able to create another all-female stable managed by Franky Monet with Robert Stone who is dismissed and a wrestler who arrives and takes his place.