Pete Dunne has signed a new three-year contract

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Pete Dunne has signed a new three-year contract

In early August we let you know that Fightful Select colleagues had warned us of the expiration of the contract of an NXT superstar, Pete Dunne: "Fightful Select has learned that Pete Dunne's contract with NXT will expire soon with a source who also indicates 'After Summerslam weekend,' although we haven't confirmed that date with Dunne or the WWE yet." Surely after the superstars the company has let slip recently, losing Pete Dunne too would have been a crime, because he is very much loved by the public and obviously has a lot of talent in the ring.

Apparently, however, WWE has managed to find an agreement with the wrestler and get him to sign a multi-year contract that will keep him still for a while where he is currently. These are also the words of Fightful: “WWE sources confirmed to Fightful on Tuesday afternoon that Dunne accepted a new three-year contract and was told that it was actually offered personally by Triple H before being sidelined recently.

Dunne, along with Adam Cole, had a surprise contract expiring in July."

Pete Dunne will remain part of WWE

Interviewed on Inside the Ropes in 2019, Pete Dunne confessed his personal ambitions and his "dream match": "Although still very young, I already have very clear ideas for my future.

I want to be in the main event of WrestleMania and face Brock Lesnar. Many superstars of my size don't have the aggressive style I show in the ring, so I think it would be a very interesting match for me and for fans of the discipline." But beware that another WWE wrestler might want to fight Pete Dunne and we're talking about Drew McIntyre, who in 2019, when Bruiserweight was still at NXT UK, praised him a lot.

We are sure that whoever comes forward to face Pete Dunne will still be great to watch a possible match and we wish the UK athlete a good time in WWE. This would most likely happen sooner rather than later if the Bruiserweight wins the NXT Championship for the first time later tonight.

While we know NXT will see several changes tonight, knowing someone like Pete Dunne will be sticking around for the next few years restores some hope within the WWE Universe that the former black and gold brand won't be changing as drastically as we once thought.

We'll find out soon enough. With Pete Dunne locked in with WWE for the next three years, all eyes now turn to the fatal four-way match later on tonight for the debut of NXT 2.0 as Pete Dunne will face Kyle O'Reilly, LA Knight, and Tommaso Ciampa for the vacated NXT Championship.