New details on Edge's future

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New details on Edge's future

In the latest episode of NXT, which aired overnight on the television screens of USA Network, the famous American channel, WWE staged the beginning of a new era for its third roster, with NXT moving from the usual format with yellow and black colors, to a decidedly more lively, colorful and fresh atmosphere.

In addition to the arena, there have been numerous changes in the lighting set, logo, format and even the roster staged, with numerous as yet unknown stars making their debut on WWE televisions after several months of training at the Orlando Performance Center.

Among the many, there was a sensational debut also in the main event of the evening, that is the Fatal 4 Way valid for the vacant NXT title, in which Von Wagner, an athlete never seen before in the NXT rings, also took part.

went on to compete for the top laurel of the third WWE brand against athletes of the caliber of Pete Dunne, LA Knight and the winner of the match, Tommaso Ciampa. Despite still taking his first steps in the WWE rings, Von Wagner appears to be an absolute future star, with some of the company's insiders already likening him to a McMahon: Edge.

According to what was stated in the last few hours by the well-known site Wrestling News, it would seem that the management of the WWE is already focusing strongly on its newcomer in that of NXT, so much so that many insiders compare it to a novice Rated R Superstar.

Backstage news on Edge

According to what was revealed on the pages of the well-known site, in fact: "Everyone compares him to a young Edge. He's still quite immature and has to smooth out some sides of his character but he has something and Vince thinks it can become a big deal to build on in the long run." In addition to Von Wagner, the WWE seems to be focusing strongly on Bron Breakker, who beat none other than LA Knight in his debut and at the end of the episode even went to face-to-face the reigning champion, Tommaso Ciampa.

It seems that the future at NXT is also flourishing for him. We just have to wait for the next installments of the new version of NXT, more colorful than ever, which has already divided the fans between those who are delighted with the news and those who already regret the old logo and the old format, which now seem to be just a memory.

Lashley tried his best to overcome Big E and even connected with what seemed to be a match-ending spear. But Big E managed to kick out, and he earned the win with the Big Ending. After winning the WWE Championship, Big E was congratulated by many members of the wrestling world, including stars from other promotions.