Is Bray Wyatt close to returning?

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Is Bray Wyatt close to returning?

One of the most sensational names that WWE has wanted to do without in recent months, is that of Bray Wyatt, creator of the character of the Fiend, who has been so successful on McMahon's TV screens in the last two years.

After a debut with a bang under the mask of the evil Fiend, Bray Wyatt had also racked up great victories, including the Universal title, which was still missing from his personal collection, but with the passage of time, Wyatt was increasingly ousted from the important plans.

of the Stamford-based company, until his release, which came overnight, after months that he no longer appeared on any show of the company. After being released, nothing concrete has yet arrived for Bray Wyatt, also because the athlete will now have to wait for the end of the non-competition clause with WWE, which usually lasts 90 days for athletes on the main roster.

In the last few hours, however, the former leader of the Wyatt Family himself wanted to leave yet another clue that could lead to much, as it could not lead to anything, with a cryptic tweet that fans certainly did not miss.

The latest news on Bray Wyatt

With a tweet in full Bray Wyatt style, or we will have to say now in full Windham Rotunda style, (real name of the athlete), according to many, Wyatt would have already predicted his arrival in the All Elite Wrestling rings.

But let's see what tweet we're talking about first: "Everything will be clear. I'll see you very soon. Revenge is a confession of pain." These are the phrases that Wyatt wanted to leave as a response to a fan who told him how much he missed the athlete at the moment.

According to what was reported by the Wrestling Observer, through the words of the well-known Dave Meltzer, it would seem that there are high chances that Wyatt will land in that of Dynamite, of AEW, in the episode of September 29 in Rochester, New York.

At the moment there is nothing certain or confirmed, but we remember how the seat of the episode of Dynamite is the same where Brodie Lee lived, a great family friend of Bray Wyatt, after whose death he was emotionally hurt.

It would therefore be a great gesture to make the athlete debut in the same city as his close friend, but it still appears very unlikely that Wyatt will be able to circumvent the WWE's non-competition clause, which actually started on July 30th and should therefore finish in late October.