Jim Cornette comments on the Ric Flair's scandal

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Jim Cornette comments on the Ric Flair's scandal

The repercussions associated with the latest episode of 'Dark Side of the Ring' have not yet subsided. Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer literally ended up in the eye of the storm, as well as receiving a series of harsh criticisms from fans and insiders.

The two have not only damaged their reputation almost irretrievably, but their future in the world of wrestling also seems to be highly threatened. Dreamer was suspended from IMPACT Wrestling and Busted Open Radio, while the 16-time world champion lost some advertising contracts.

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette is known for his outspoken and outspoken views. Speaking on this topic in the latest edition of his podcast, Cornette explained how the 'Nature Boy' would not have fully realized the gravity of his actions and the impact they would have on other people.

Jim Cornette on Ric Flair

"I am so sorry that Ric Flair has come up with a terrible image, which does not correspond to who he really is. I sincerely believe that he did not want to offend or harm anyone, least of all that flight attendant.

I believe that - in those years - a vicious circle had arisen and that he no longer knew how to get out of that character” - explained Jim Cornette. “Attention, I do not intend to justify his actions in any way.

He was wrong and nothing like that should have happened. It was not the time, it was not the place and it was not a behavior to be held. There is no excuse for all of this. However, I know Ric Flair perfectly and I can assure you that - deep down in his heart - he didn't think he was offending that stewardess or doing anything wrong.

I would not rule out that he had already bitterly regretted it the next day ”- he continued. The discussion then moved on to Tommy Dreamer: “I doubted that Tom was not aware of what had happened. Maybe they hadn't made him listen to everyone else's interviews well.

His words turned out to be nothing short of unpleasant." The Dark Side of the Ring episode featuring the incidents of the Plane Ride from Hell has had the entire pro wrestling world talking. Ric Flair has given an official statement on the matter, denying the s*xual assault accusations.

Here's an excerpt from his statement. "My issues have been well documented over my 40+ year career. The impact of drinking too much (which nearly killed me 5 years ago) has been told time and time again. The reason Rory (or anyone else for that matter) never heard stories of me forcing myself on ANYONE is simple: it never happened," stated Ric Flair.