Damien Sandow reveals WWE's initial plans for him

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Damien Sandow reveals WWE's initial plans for him

In the recent history of WWE, there have been several characters on which the management of the McMahon company wanted to bet a lot, only to make a hole in the water, for the despair and sadness of the fans who instead focused a lot on those storylines.

Many of the athletes we see today in AEW, in the IMPACT Wrestling rings or in the rings of several other independent American companies, in fact, derive from the wrong choices that WWE has made with them, with one of the characters that have worked the most in recent years that responds to the name of Damien Sandow.

Many will remember the character who copied in all respects the movements of The Miz, who had even gone so far as to win a Money in the Bank, with his collection then tragically failed against John Cena in 2013. The WWE had staked a lot on him, only to even get to fire him, as happened lately with great characters such as Bray Wyatt, Aleister Black and Braun Strowman.

Damien Sandow did not become World Heavyweight Champion

Apparently, initially, the idea of ​​the WWE management was to have Damien Sandow successfully cash the briefcase, with Vince McMahon who then changed his mind at the last, with the whole situation that was revealed by Damien Sandow himself in his last interview with the microphones of the UnSKripted broadcast, to which he said: "Initially I should have won with my cash.

Cody and I had had our feud. Everything was going great. I had felt that I should have won the world title and Cody should have chosen me. We had a ready-made plan that was great, but it didn't go on stage in the end, but nonetheless.

I am really proud of the Money in the Bank match that I had and Cody has said it before, it is one of his favorites in WWE, not his absolute favorite, but mine as well. He has nothing to do with winning, but in Philadelphia, we had 7 heels and we babyface in that match.

It was a truly great moment. I remember hiding behind Lilian Garcia in the pit, Cody had fought everyone else, but he still had an ounce of energy, just enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel and then I'm like 'Oh my God, this thing it will work ' I slip in the middle.

It was magical and got everyone involved in our match. In my opinion, it was absolutely a masterpiece." The two feuded immediately afterwards and the blowoff match - won by Rhodes - came at SummerSlam.The angle could have been rehashed over the World Heavyweight Title, with Rhodes chasing Sandow and potentially even winning it for himself.

These plans may have been scrapped when WWE decided to unify both world titles. Less than two months after Sandow's failed cash-in, Randy Orton defeated John Cena to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.