Baron Corbin reveals the best moment of his career

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Baron Corbin reveals the best moment of his career

Kurt Angle's legendary career didn't have the ending his fans would have wanted. The precarious physical condition limited the former Olympic gold medalist in his later years, so much so that he was forced to hang up his boots earlier than expected.

Everyone knows that Angle wanted to meet John Cena as his last opponent, a dream that didn't materialize for a number of reasons. The many engagements of the Bostonian in Hollywood were one of the causes of the lack of feud between the two, which would have represented a sort of closing the circle.

The 16-time world champion had in fact made his main roster debut against Angle in the episode of SmackDown on June 27, 2002. In a recent interview with 'TalkSport' microphones, Baron Corbin - designated as Kurt Angle's rival in his last match at WrestleMania 35 - admitted he would have liked to work more time with a champion of that caliber.

“I am perfectly aware that Kurt Angle wanted to face John Cena in the last match of his career. I'm not stupid enough to think Kurt's dream was to work with Baron Corbin before he retired. There was a very specific motivation behind his willingness to challenge John Cena, he had met for the first time on the day of John's debut in SmackDown.

I've never had a problem understanding all of this. Who wouldn't want to team up with John Cena before hanging up their boots? However, it was crazy that I was able to share the ring with the legendary Kurt Angle on such a special occasion" - examined Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin on Kurt Angle

The outcome of the match left Baron Corbin stunned: "I never imagined that I would come out victorious. I was convinced that Kurt would greet the audience on a golden horse after giving me a sound lesson.

It was incredible, one of the best memories of my entire career. I still have the poster on the wall of the gym where I train and at my home." Kurt Angle began amateur wrestling when he was just seven years old. He won a plethora of championships during his high school and college days and continued his success after leaving college.

In 1995, Angle won his first gold medal a year before the Summer Olympics, the FILA World Wrestling Championship, also in Atlanta, Georgia. Angle went on to prepare for the Olympics, where he suffered a broken neck in the Trials.

It didn't phase him out and he recuperated for five months before going on to win Olympic gold in the heavyweight weight class in his home country.