What were WWE's plans for Nia Jax?

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What were WWE's plans for Nia Jax?

As you will surely have seen in the last weekly episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to broadcast a particular segment with the two former tag team champions of the main roster, the heels: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. The two, until a few weeks ago, were in fact an almost infallible team, with the mammoth cousin of The Rock and the former MMA Fighter who had held the titles for months, managing to beat any team that stood in front of them, without too much delay.

In the last episode of the red show, however, WWE has seen fit to complete the split that had been in the air for some time, pitting the two heels of the main roster, one against the other, so as to implement this separation also in front of the company's screens.

What the fans of the red show, however, did not expect, is that Shayna Baszler went to attack her former partner in a truly atrocious and brutal way, causing her to come out with a fractured arm and accompanied by the medical staff of the federation.

The latest news on Nia Jax

WWE Superstar Nia Jax will be out of action for an indefinite amount of time after being assaulted by Shayna Baszler on RAW. On the latest episode of WWE's the Bump, Kayla Braxton and Matt Camp announced that Nia Jax had suffered several injuries on RAW this past week when she was attacked by her former teammate Shayna Baszler.

According to what was stated in one of the latest Newsletters by the well-known site, Wrestling Observer, through Dave Meltzer, who's lately managed to raise some scary fuss in the wrestling web with his statements, it seems that WWE was planning to stage this segment on Raw right to keep the mammoth athlete out.

Although the reason is not known at the moment, it seems certain that the segment was orchestrated to hide some other problem of the girl, who will now probably be out for several weeks. In his latest update, Meltzer said: "I mean, when they scripted Raw like that, it seemed obvious to everyone that it was the excuse for something else, but no one seems to know the reason for this departure yet.

I don't know exactly what the injury is, because that WWE-reported injury is definitely part of a storyline, so Shayna went out of her way to keep her out until you know, but it was the only way to do it." At the moment it is not known what kind of problem Nia Jax may have if she will have to undergo surgery if she just needs rest or simply if she has asked the company to stay out of time for personal reasons.

The thing that seems certain, however, is that in the next few weeks we will hardly see her again in the red show ring, otherwise the whole segment seen last Monday on Raw would have been useless.