New talk show debuted on SmackDown

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New talk show debuted on SmackDown
New talk show debuted on SmackDown

In the past few weeks, WWE has been putting a lot of meat into the fire, both in its monthly PPVs and in the weekly tapings of Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night Raw. The main reason could be the huge competition that WWE McMahon is receiving lately from the All Elite Wrestling of the Khan family, which has hired the most important names in the pro-wrestling scene, who have become free agents in the last period, such as Adam Cole.

, Daniel Bryan, Ruby Soho, or the bang that came with CM Punk. Ever since it was back on the road, WWE has made it clear to its fans that since this year, the music has changed, also thanks to the worldwide pandemic, which has brought many problems to the company and its fans, pushing them away for months.

and months. Apparently, even now the WWE continues to bring surprises to their shows, after the return of Becky Lynch and that of Brock Lesnar, who arrived in Summerslam to spice up the WWE Universe, now addicted to the usual faces and the usual storylines.

Also on the latest episode of SmackDown, we will have seen a surprise on the show, with the debut of a new talk show that is already intriguing fans of the WWE Universe.

A new talk show debuted on SmackDown

The announcement came a few hours before the live broadcast of the weekly episode of Friday Night SmackDown, and WWE wanted to inform its fans that on 24th September, the debut of a new segment would be arriving, chaired by Happy Corbin, the former King of the Ring of the company.

The new WWE talk show's to be called Happy Talk and it is not known at the moment who it will have as a guest, even if we imagine there will be the intervention of Kevin Owens, in some way. Now let's see the rest of the segments that were announced by WWE for its Smackdown of the night: - Shinsuke Nakamura vs Apollo Crews - Liv Morgan vs Zelina Vega - Happy Talk with Happy Corbin.

Drew McIntyre may return to the United States just in time to show up on WWE SmackDown in place of Big E, who will be a part of the RAW brand going forward. It makes sense for this trade to be made because McIntyre has done almost everything he can on the RAW brand.

Plus, a Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns match is a big-ticket draw, as is a future opponent for the likes of Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Edge.

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