MVP responds to rumors about his surgery

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MVP responds to rumors about his surgery

Over the past few weeks, we've seen All Mighty manager Bobby Lashley walk out of the way, initially according to the storyline for a Randy Orton's broken rib, with a ring-side RKO, who knocked out MVP and left him on the ground for some time.

Apparently, this scenario had been orchestrated by the same management of the WWE to keep the manager of the former WWE Champion out of the scene, who would have had to operate on his knee, after years in which the joint had started to give him quite a few problems.

According to what Dave Meltzer reported in some updates, in his daily Newsletters of the Wrestling Observer, MVP had already undergone the operation, with several other important overseas sites, which had just picked up the news from the well-known American journalist, reporting to apparently erroneously, the news of the WWE manager's knee operation has already taken place.

MVP silences the rumors

With the last tweet arrived only a few hours ago on its official page, MVP, manager and WWE athlete, wanted to deny once again the words of Dave Meltzer, who lately is taking several blunders, which also happened with Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, with the manager of the All Mighty who in fact wanted to personally give updates to his fans on his physical health and on the schedule of his knee operation.

On his Twitter page, MVP wrote: "For the OFFICIAL record. I still have to undergo surgery on my knee. I haven't had the operation YET !!!!! YOU HEARD THIS FROM ME!" With a clear jab against Dave Meltzer and all the other journalists who misreported the news of his surgery, MVP silenced all the rumors about his operation and wanted to give himself an update on the surgery.

situation. Once again, it is clear that it is very difficult to choose between real news and one invented on the web, especially in the world of wrestling, where a lot of news is deliberately kept "secret", in order to send around false news, which is just part of a WWE storyline.

In 2003, Randy Orton began using the RKO as his finisher, and it quickly became a hit among fans. The move became synonymous with the heel Orton. Over the years, Randy Orton has put down a long list of opponents with his devastating move. RKO is bound to go down in history as one of the most dangerous wrestling maneuvers.