WWE already removes all the details of an NXT rookie

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WWE already removes all the details of an NXT rookie

In the last two episodes of NXT, WWE wanted to present its new version of the show, or its new NXT 2.0, with the former yellow and black show on Tuesday night, which has suddenly become a show full of colors with new set-ups, new lighting sets, a whole new arena and completely different graphics from the past.

In practice, WWE wanted to reformat what seems to be its development brand again, after years in which NXT was instead seen as a real third roster, on par with Monday Night Raw and Friday Night. Smackdown. In these two new episodes of the Tuesday night show, WWE immediately included many new faces on its television screens, presenting all the new recruits it had in store for weeks now, but which had not yet officially debuted in front of the federation's television screens.

In this week's episode, we also saw the debut of a very particular character, who reminded someone a bit of Kevin Owens in his early days, but with a very macabre side to his gimmick, which may have already brought some trouble to the WWE.

We are talking about Gacy, a character seen in a match against Cameron Grimes and whose traces seem to have already been lost on the social profiles and on the official WWE Youtube channel.

WWE deletes all references to Gacy

Apparently, in the last few hours, WWE would have removed any reference to Gacy's debut from this week's NXT episode, it is not known at the moment for what reason.

The new gimmick of Joe Gacy, which we remember had already appeared in the NXT rings with a completely different character, should be that of a specialist in "conflict resolution", with the character brought to the scene that however left some doubts in the minds of the WWE Universe fans, for the rather slimy and sneaky attitude of the wrestler, especially after the match against Grimes.

Already the fact of having seen him disappear from the references to the company's NXT episode, from Youtube and from several other social networks, means that the WWE may have changed its mind about its athlete or its gimmick, with these events, which usually mean changes.

drastic arrival, or athletes leaving the scene if not the release by the company. For the moment, however, we do not have certain news on what happened to Gacy of NXT, it could simply have been a problem with the social pages of the federation or an internal problem with the management or the creative team for his character.

We will have to wait for the next episodes of the Tuesday night show to understand if this character will have a future at NXT or if he has already been eliminated.