*Spoiler* Former WWE Champion returns to SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Former WWE Champion returns to SmackDown

In recent weeks, WWE has given its fans several returns, from that of John Cena, who came as a surprise at the end of Money in the Bank, to that of Bill Goldberg, who arrived to challenge none other than WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, before of the defeat with Big E, up to the return of Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch in Summerslam.

Since the WWE is back on the road, in fact, the live audience has needed great emotions, after more than a year of shows without an audience, if not the virtual one of the ThunderDome and apparently the WWE should not be finished yet, seen that even tonight, in the last episode of the Friday Night SmackDown blue show, there was an unexpected return.

After months without news of him, former 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss, who had had a brief feud in the rings of Monday Night Raw with Mojo Rawley, is back in front of the cameras of the company, before his release.

Riddick Moss returns to SmackDown

As we reported yesterday morning, WWE had wanted to advertise the arrival of a new talk show in its Friday night program, with Happy Corbin, which would have broadcast the first episode of his Happy Talk, his very first talk.

show on the company's ring. As we should have expected, the first invited to the show was Corbin himself, who did not invite any colleague to speak but preferred to do a monologue, in full Corbin style. Obviously, it didn't take long for Kevin Owens to arrive, in a feud with Happy Corbin for several weeks, who tried to attack the SmackDown heel, until however Riddick Moss reappeared on the television screens of the company, with the table of Smackdown commented that he acted as if he had never seen such an athlete.

Apparently, WWE's strategy was to change his character and probably his name, which usually happens when an athlete returns after several months, with completely different projects than the ones we left him with. At the moment, therefore, between Kevin Owens and Happy Corbin Riddick Moss has also intervened, who will continue to be on the side of the Smackdown heel, in the feud against the Canadian.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns is set to put his title on the line against ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor at Extreme Rules. Last week, Balor teamed up with Big E to defeat The Usos. Reigns then went to RAW and defeated the WWE Champion twice in two different matches.

Considering that the company wants to keep a certain mysticism around The Demon’s character, could we see The New Day travel to WWE SmackDown and attack The Tribal Chief?