*Spoiler* Edge has become a loose cannon

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*Spoiler* Edge has become a loose cannon
*Spoiler* Edge has become a loose cannon

One of the most important characters for last year's Friday Night SmackDown was undoubtedly Edge, who had sensationally managed to win the Royal Rumble at the beginning of the year and from there he had started a really long journey and journey, which had led him to show up in front of all the world champions from all three of the company's rosters, including NXT, to choose who to challenge at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Obviously, in the end, the choice fell on the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, Universal champion of Friday Night Smackdown, in whose challenge was also entered Daniel Bryan, the now-former WWE athlete, who played his very last match in the WWE against Reigns, before landing on the Khan family square, after a few months, at Dynamite and even before at All Out.

In all this, Edge never managed to return to the world title, winning it, but he always produced excellent performances in the ring, including the matches he had against Seth Rollins, first of all, the Summerslam match between the two.

What's next for Edge?

As already confirmed by various sources and at different times, the WWE will hold its two episodes dedicated to the annual Draft, the next 1 October and then next Friday at Friday Night Smackdown and the fourth of the same month, in the next episode of Monday Night Raw.

Apparently, Edge would also have been advertised for the next episode of the blue show, since it was his current arch-enemy, Seth Rollins, who wanted to call him in the last episode of tonight's Smackdown. in question once again.

To the challenge started by Seth Rollins, the Rated R Superstar Edge responded almost immediately, saying that he will be present next week at Smackdown via Twitter. So in addition to the many surprises of the Draft that will arrive as always, at this time of the year, the McMahon Hall of Famer will also be at the event, who knows what to do.

Matt Hardy isn't a fan of Orange Cassidy. The pair have been feuding for some time, with Orandy picking a win over Hardy in one-on-one competition. But Hardy escalated the feud when he got his hands on a fan dressed up as Orange Cassidy, beat him up, and threw him in the ring.

With Jack Evans' assistance, he proceeded to shave the Cassidy fan, sending a message to Orange. A few weeks ago, it was rumored that a hair-vs-hair match was planned for Hardy. This would mark AEW's first foray into this famous stipulation, and it looks like it's underway. While it's unclear when it happens, it'll probably happen sooner than later.

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