*Spoiler* Great segment between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair

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*Spoiler* Great segment between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair

The episode opens with the entry of Becky Lynch! The blue show champion remembers that last week she tried to be nice by offering a handshake to Bianca Belair in her Homecoming, but she tried to attack her and was forced to humiliate her.

Indeed, that is exactly what happened. THE BELAIR ARRIVES! Bianca keeps waving that shit of braid and tells her rival to never mention her family again in Zequila style (cit for Italian trash lovers), then the 2 of her start arguing.

In the end, Bianca offers her hand to Becky, but she slaps her ... AND THE FIGHTING STARTS!

Becky Lynch won the Championship at SummerSlam

SmackDown kicked off with a great segment between Women's Champion Becky Lynch and challenger Bianca Belair.

It was a fun war of words to hype up their SmackDown Women's title match. Bianca Belair held her own, and despite Becky Lynch getting cheered, she didn't seem rattled by the crowd reaction at all. If anything, it's the sign of a future great.

Belair ended the segment standing tall after hitting the KOD, with Lynch later vowing to end The EST Of WWE. The EST starts to attack and Becky tries a short reaction, but this time the former champion is not surprised, closing the practice with her Kiss Of Death.

1 to 1, the showdown will be in 48 hours. - Intercontinental Championship match: King Nakamura vs Apollo Crews. In the finale, Nakamura goes to hit Commander Azeez and the two start arguing, but Rick Boogs knocks out the commander by lifting him incredibly and throwing him behind him.

The IC Champion can then return to the ring and win the match with a RollUp. Nakamura retains the title, but his assistant and guitarist definitely continues to steal the show. Becky Lynch then heel-ishly cut the promo where she boasted about her recent winning at the WWE SummerSlam PPV and how she had a baby but is still the ‘A’ competitor in WWE.

She then explained her attack on Belair last week saying that Belair provoked her, she added that she didn’t want to embarrass Belair in front of her parents, her friends. However, it finally stops when ‘The E.S.T.’ Bianca Belair made their way out to address the champ.

The first thing she said was, “Keep my momma and my daddy’s name out your mouth”. to which the crowd popped. Belair offered a handshake but Becky smacked her down; however, Belair retaliated and the two competitors brawled on the mat.

Becky then sends Belair into the turnbuckles, but Belair countered and eventually delivered K.O.D. for a huge pop from the crowd.