*Spoiler* Montez Ford will have his chance as a singles star

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*Spoiler* Montez Ford will have his chance as a singles star

Backstage, the Street Profits, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, say they are convinced that they will regain the couple titles of the blue show by defeating the easy-going women of Bloodline (I have to write it like this, otherwise Google will be offended).

- We're moving into Roman Reigns' dressing room! The Tribal Chief listens to the interview and doesn't take it well, asking Paul Heyman to let him have a match against Montez Ford. One of the most exciting segments of WWE SmackDown took place backstage.

Rey Mysterio tried to give Dominik Mysterio some tips, but the younger superstar did not want to hear it.

Update on Montez Ford's future

This is exactly what WWE did. Ahead of The Street Profits' SmackDown Tag Team title challenge against The Usos at Extreme Rules, Montez Ford cut a good promo.

In that promo, he insulted the Bloodline, infuriating Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief told Paul Heyman to arrange a match between him and Montez Ford for SmackDown, seemingly wanting to teach the two-time Tag Team champion a lesson.

Although Paul Heyman advised against it, Reigns insisted and got the match booked. The lawyer catches up with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and they immediately tell him that he won't have any anticipation on where Brock Lesnar will be moved, but the Mad Genius replies that he just wants to ask for the match thought by Reigns.

The two accept and Heyman is satisfied, then adds that they will talk about the Draft later. Meanwhile, preparations begin for the funeral for Montez Ford. WWE Extreme Rules 2021 is approaching the WWE Universe, and undoubtedly, fans have already purchased their tickets.

However, there are tickets still available on various sites, from various price ranges. Now, there comes a series of seats that are $350 and $450. These seats will come with commemorative WWE Extreme Rules 2021 chairs that the audience will sit upon and can take home.

Each ticket comes with one chair, but additional chairs are available upon request and payment. On the other hand, Vividseats has tickets available ranging from $40 to $469. The tickets priced near $40 are away from the ring and as the price increases, the distance decreases.

However, the availability remains the same. Another surprise appearance could be Sasha Banks. After WrestleMania 37, where Banks lost the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship to Bianca Belair, she finally got her rematch scheduled at SummerSlam 2021. Unfortunately, Banks couldn’t make it to the event and hence, was replaced by Carmella.