*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio tried to give Dominik Mysterio some tips but...

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*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio tried to give Dominik Mysterio some tips but...

Backstage Rey Mysterio tries to make Dominik Mysterio understand where he made a mistake last week, but the boy rebels saying that his father's too pressing presence leads him to lose. Rey leaves and Sami Zayn immediately intervenes, congratulating Dominik for the matches played and confirming his theory that Rey is a bit too pressing.

- Naomi reaches the ring! The two-time former SmackDown champion says she's back to give it her all, but Sonya Deville doesn't want to give her opportunities and so she's here to launch an Open Challenge to anyone who wants to face her.

SONYA DEVILLE IS COMING! Naomi asks Sonya if she wants to take her challenge firsthand, but Adam Pearce's assistant remembers that she is her boss. Naomi starts the `` Made the match '' chorus and the audience gladly follows her, but Sonya orders the microphone to be turned off and has Jimmy Uso's wife escorted out by security.

The choirs, however, continue and Sonya's return to the Federation rings seems ever closer.

Dominik Mysterio blamed his father for his loss against Sami Zayn

One of the most exciting segments of WWE SmackDown took place backstage.

Rey Mysterio tried to give Dominik Mysterio some tips, but the younger superstar did not want to hear it. He blamed his father for his loss against Sami Zayn on SmackDown. After Rey left, Zayn tried to convince Dominik to stop listening to his dad and trust his instincts.

Promo of Becky Lynch, who promises that at Extreme Rules she will humiliate Bianca Belair again and make her suffer. Take it to the Extreme - MAIN EVENT: Roman Reigns vs Montez Ford. A very obvious match, but with a Montez that makes us dream, holding up to the Universal Champion for almost 10 minutes before giving in to his Guillottine.

After the match Paul Heyman steps into the ring and, ahead of Extreme Rules, tells his Tribal Chief to show people like Ford, Finn Balor and Brock Lesnar what happens if you take Reigns to the extreme. Heyman throws the microphone off, probably killing someone in the audience, while the Usos also arrive.

Roman takes a chair and begins to massacre poor Montez, who in 2 days will have a titled match against his cousins, then crashes him into a table. THE LIGHTS GO OUT! DEMON BALOR APPEARS ON THE BOLLARD! The Demon overwhelms the whole Bloodline and starts hitting the Samoan brothers with a kendo stick, but Reigns drags him to the square and tries to overturn the situation, taking a chair with him.

SLINGBLADE! Balor is not there and starts hitting the Universal Champion with a series of sedate, knocking out Jey and Jimmy again. With Finn showing his tongue after a Dive to the outside of the ring on the Tribal Chief this episode of the blue show ends, despite the red lights.