WWE brings a famous American show back to life

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WWE brings a famous American show back to life

The WWE always has its hands on various projects, even those not related to pro-wrestling, with the millions of the Stamford company's coffers, which are often spent on films, short films, TV series or projects outside the company, but which still bring various benefits to McMahons and the family business, such as publicity, fame, money and important twinning.

In fact, the company WWE Studios is now well known, which is nothing more than the "branch" of the McMahon-owned company that for years has produced WWE-branded films, such as the "See No Evil" with Kane, a horror film that has also become very famous in our country, distributed in cinemas all over the world, or the first The Marine, with John Cena as the protagonist and then with The Miz.

Apparently, in the last period, once Vince McMahon's personal football project has been put aside, with the XFL apparently never coming back to life, (not in the short term at least), WWE would be interested in bring back to life a very famous 1980s TV show on American TV: American Gladiators.

Does WWE bring American Gladiators back to life?

According to reports from the well-known site Deadline, the WWE would have formed a twinning with the famous MGM, to bring the famous broadcast in vogue at the end of the 80s, in which several professional athletes, clashed in some athletics games on the television screens of the United States , race, strength or strategy.

In the "Games Without Borders" style game show, important faces from the world of entertainment, wrestling and various other American sports could also be used, and not only that, and right here the WWE enters the scene with its Superstars.

Apparently, the new version of the broadcast should obviously have some news, a new format and new graphics, with the well-known overseas site reporting in the last few hours: "Mark Brunett and his team are currently working on the reboot of the series, which is completely based on the format created by Johnny Ferraro and Dan Carr, to be ported to platforms and broadcasters."

The dialogues are currently still in a primordial phase, so it will take some time before we have more precise details on the project, but to WWE Universe fans, this new WWE project already seems very interesting. WWE writers are tasked with the responsibility of creating hundreds of storylines per year.

Those ideas eventually make their way to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who has the final say on which storyline developments appear on television. With so many superstars waiting for opportunities on RAW and SmackDown, television time is often limited for some of WWE’s most talented performers.