Why did WWE bring Riddick Moss back onto the scene?

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Why did WWE bring Riddick Moss back onto the scene?

During last Friday's episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE wanted to bring back one of those characters that had been missing from the scene for quite some time. In the very first "Happy Talk" in the history of the company, or in the very first episode of the new talk show hosted by Happy Corbin, there was the return of Riddick Moss, former 24/7 champion of Monday Night Raw, who had had a feud with Mojo Rawley, around the time of last year's Wrestlemania.

Among the fans of the WWE Universe, however, no one expected his return to the scene, both because the last time Moss had been spotted in the rings of the red show and because it had been months since the last time the athlete had appeared on the ring of the McMahon-owned company.

In fact, many are now wondering why WWE wanted to use its Raw athlete in the blue show rings, without making him pass for the annual Draft, which will arrive next week.

Latest update on Riddick Moss

To give further updates on this strange situation staged by the WWE, we also thought of the well-known podcast of the ocean, the Fightful Select, with one of its latest notes in which its journalists have in fact reported: "Riddick Moss has had a new look since last week's Knoxville dark match and is now already assigned to the Smackdown roster, despite being drafted on Raw last year.

When Fightful asked about WWE, we were told that since the athlete hasn't appeared on the Red Show TV screens since last year, there was no reason to wait until next week. with the new Draft, to support him with Corbin, so they did it directly this week."

We recall how Riddick Moss was one of Paul Heyman's "proteges" during the period in which Mad Genius headed the Monday Night Raw creative team, with the current manager of Roman Reigns acting as Executive Director of the Monday night show.

and he had insisted several times with Vince McMahon to bring out young talents, such as Aleister Black, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet and precisely Riddick Moss. Just at that juncture Moss had also managed to win the 24/7 title of the Stamford company, only to then disappear from the television screens for almost a year.

Murphy has had an up-and-down run on the main roster so far. Following his pairing with Seth Rollins, things appeared to be on the up for the Australian Superstar, but that seems like a false dawn in hindsight. The former Cruiserweight Champion has featured sporadically on WWE television in recent months, with his last singles match coming in April when he faced Cesaro on SmackDown. Ahead of WrestleMania 37, he was a part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.