Former WWE manager takes a shot at Sheamus

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Former WWE manager takes a shot at Sheamus

Sheamus is one of the longest-serving athletes in WWE and currently features on the Raw roster. During his long career in the Stamford federation, the Irish superstar held the heavyweight title once, the WWE Championship three times and the US champion belt as many times, as well as multiple tag team awards.

Before her move to the United States in 2006, she had fought for several years in companies on the independent European circuit. In a recent interview with Sportskeeda on the eve of PPV Extreme Rules, former OVW manager Kenny Bolin admitted that he is not a big fan of Sheamus.

From his point of view, it is the close friendship with Triple H that would have allowed him to stay in WWE to this day.

Kenny Bolin opens up on Sheamus

“I've never loved Sheamus' style, I have to be very honest.

I find his matches very boring, I can't watch them for more than five minutes. I'm not questioning he's a great guy, I know Triple H loves him. In my opinion, the only reason he is still under contract with WWE is that he is one of The Game's wards.

They were training partners and all those things there. He is not an athlete who helps you sell tickets, I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. He is not a dark match wrestler, he is not suited to the mid-card and certainly cannot be used in the main event of a pay-per-view,” Bolin said mercilessly.

Triple H and Sheamus had a fierce match against each other at Extreme Rules in 2010. HHH has often been singled out as the one who allowed Sheamus to break into Vince McMahon's company. On August 21, at SummerSlam, Sheamus lost the United States title to Damian Priest after 132 days of reign.

He tried to retrieve the belt in the August 30 episode of Raw, but he had to bow to an excellent Priest. The last time WWE fans saw Sheamus in the ring was on the May 31st episode of WWE RAW. The United States Champion faced Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo in back-to-back matches.

Sheamus not only lost both his matches but also suffered a broken nose during his match with Carrillo. Sheamus underwent surgery to fix his broken nose but decided not to vacate the United States Championship. While the Celtic Warrior did not compete in the ring, he made sporadic appearances and sported a generic mask to safeguard his injury.

Tonight, Sheamus will be looking to exact revenge on Carrillo for keeping him away from competing in the ring for almost a month and a half.