WWE is ready for a pay-per-view in the UK

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WWE is ready for a pay-per-view in the UK

WhatCulture reported that WWE could bring one of its PPVs to the UK in 2022. A source informed the site, telling them that this could happen next September. Not only that, in fact, it seems that Vince Mcmahon is trying to make this a stadium show with an expected fan attendance of 90,000 people if that were possible.

In addition to the PPV itself, the source said these interim plans also involve a fan event over the weekend of the show and a Raw recording on the Monday after this PPV. WhatCulture also informs us that the potential venues for this show can be the following: Manchester United's Old Trafford, Wales' Principality Stadium, and of course the famous Wembley Stadium.

WWE focuses heavily on the UK

Last weekend the WWE went to the other side of the world to delight fans in the United Kingdom with shows that were a wonderful success, made up of so many emotions and sold out tickets. One of the protagonists was Drew McIntyre who also had the opportunity to return to his beloved Scotland that he hadn't seen since the outbreak of the pandemic of course.

These are his words before the departure: “When I saw that WWE had organized a tour in the UK, I immediately thought it was fantastic. The problem was, I'm a Raw superstar. I should have politely threatened some people to guarantee my participation in that tour.

That's exactly what I did." In fact, more than anything else, the superstars of SmackDown have moved, but a place for the Scotsman has obviously been found. The same goes for Becky Lynch, Irish, who was able to savor a bit of fighting in the WWE ring in front of an audience that was a bit like home.

WWE will also be back on tour in the UK in November 2021 to the delight of fans and athletes. One of WWE's top European stars, Cesaro, commented on WWE's return to the UK and his past experience of performing there in a recent interview with Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport.

"I’m so excited." Cesaro said. "Great great cities, obviously Newcastle, London, Cardiff and Glasgow. Great cities, great fans and just to tour again, you know? I miss England, I miss the tours because that’s when we usually talk football, that’s even we can go and watch football games, go to the stadiums and just have a good time.

That’s when I can bond with people who speak more my language," Cesaro added. "Over here, you try and bring up football or the Euros and people don’t know what’s going on, and I’m just like 'Come on, guys.' I miss it, and I’m so excited to go back."