Liv Morgan remains positive about her WWE career

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Liv Morgan remains positive about her WWE career

On Sunday, in the ppv Extreme Rules, among the many matches, we also saw Liv Morgan and Carmella as protagonists in the ring, in a feud that has been going on for some time now on our screens. Liv Morgan had unfortunately returned to WWE with a horrific storyline that saw her with Lana's lover when the Russian was trying to get married to Bobby Lashley, but then luckily she recovered by getting back together with Ruby Riott.

Ruby was then fired leaving her alone and she tried in every way to make her way into the single scene, meeting halfway through the WWE Universe who surprisingly started cheering her also seeing her as the winner of the Money in the Bank, with the girl who she has improved a lot in the ring.

Unfortunately, however, the WWE has not yet given her a real opportunity, which she obviously wants as much as her fans who are eager for her to see her achieve great goals.

Latest update on Liv Morgan

Interviewed by Rick Ucchino, Liv Morgan talked about the ups and downs she has experienced in WWE in recent months, saying that she still wants to stay positive and not lose what she has right now and obviously wants to get to the belt.

These are his words: "I feel like in the last two years of my career there have been moments when I felt I had so much momentum and I was ready for a breakthrough, and then as if nothing had happened. I feel that this time is different.

. I like to think positive and I'm a glass half full, so when I look back, I think maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought, which is why I didn't breakthrough. Even if I wanted to, maybe I wasn't ready as a performer yet.

Now I feel so well organized that I am ready. I'm ready for that first place. I'm ready to be that girl. I definitely feel that after Money in the Bank I'm going to keep the momentum going until I'm the SmackDown champion."

When Bayley went down, Carmella was chosen as the "Role Model's" replacement to challenge Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women's Championship. After a heated confrontation with Sonya Deville, Liv Morgan finally found herself in the ladder match as Carmella's replacement.

Whatever beef that existed between talent and management, as well as potential future storylines, was suddenly gone. One thing that did not disappear was the love and support of a passionate Liv Morgan fanbase. Money in the Bank was the first pay-per-view post-ThunderDome era and those first live crowds were clearly behind Morgan, giving her some of the loudest pops of the weekend.