Shane Thorne talks about his new look

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Shane Thorne talks about his new look

Recently, we reported that a former NXT athlete and former member of the stable Retribution, who did not have much success on the main roster, changed his look during a house show, amazing the fans. We are talking about Shane Thorne who appeared in a dark match just before Smackdown, with a gimmick and a character never seen before exploding especially the social networks.

It all ties in closely to his Australian origins. Surely it's something different from Slapjack, his character in the Retribution, but it's something that makes him feel more comfortable than him and makes him connect with his country even on a sentimental level.

In the end, however, he is not the first to receive criticism or negative comments for a change of look, but wrestling fans rarely stop to think that maybe there is a thought or a feeling behind it.

Shane Thorne on his new look

Shane Thorne responded a little to the various tweets about him and this change of gimmick and look, saying that it was all his idea even with a bit of irony like when he replied to the reporter Ryan Satin saying: "I mean ...

I'm always been Australian." But who was inspired by? In two other tweets he said that he was inspired by various people. In the first he wrote: “Just to let you know, what I'm feeling now are all my ideas.

A big inspiration for me is Nikki A.S.H. and you cannot deny that what she is doing is amazing! Wrestling can be fun! So relax friend and let's have fun." And in the second he wrote: “Other inspirations 100% Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin and John Cena.

And an honorable mention to T-BAR for constantly breaking me up to go with being totally Australian." So let's say that these inspirations are a mixture of things that influenced his look, a bit of a jungle explorer/crocodile hunter, and those that influenced his desire to be himself and have fun experimenting and maybe even playing with.

the audience with something fresh and new. Shane Thorne has not featured in any WWE storylines since RETRIBUTION separated in March 2021. The villainous faction consisted of Mustafa Ali, SLAPJACK (Shane Thorne), T-BAR (Dominik Dijakovic), MACE (Dio Maddin) and RECKONING (Mia Yim).

Thorne's most recent WWE match aired on April 9 in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on WrestleMania SmackDown. Roman Reigns’ closest ally, Jey Uso, attacked Cesaro after the WrestleMania Backlash main event. Uso looked set to land a top-rope splash on Cesaro before Seth Rollins surprisingly appeared.