John Morrison reveals his favorite wrestler

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John Morrison reveals his favorite wrestler

Very often WWE Superstars are asked who are the colleagues they are best working with or those who have meant the most in their working life, with the classic question being asked of anyone in WWE for years being that of "Who do you put on WWE's Mount Rushmore?" Very often very funny and hilarious anecdotes come out from this point of view, with the last only in chronological order to have made really hilarious statements, who was the former tag team partner of The Miz, John Morrison, who revealed that his favorite wrestler in the whole company is WALTER, former NXT UK Champion for over 800 days, but he did it in a truly hilarious and fun way.

This past weekend at WrestleMania Backlash, John Morrison was at ringside for the controversial Lumberjack match between Damian Priest and The Miz.

John Morrison on WALTER

Before the pay-pay-view, fans were expecting a host of WWE Superstars to surround the ring during the match, as is tradition with the stipulation.

However, this was not what happened. In his last interview released to the microphones of After The Bell, WWE broadcast and conducted by former wrestler Corey Graves, the former ECW champion wanted to tell about his very first meeting with WALTER, in the backstage of last year's Royal Rumble, when for the first time he saw the European talent, to tell him that in addition to being his dog's favorite wrestler, he was also his favorite athlete.

To the microphones of the broadcast, a hilarious John Morrison said: "WALTER, I would like to fight WALTER because he is my dog's favorite wrestler. Presley has been tweeting WALTER's name for six months and every time his name comes out, Presley keeps listening to his entry music.

And the first time I met WALTER, was at the Royal Rumble before the lockdown started. I was really excited. He walked in while I was talking to Edge and Christian and a couple of other guys and I yelled so much all over the room, like 'Hey, WALTER!

Hey, you are my dog's favorite wrestler!' I kept running around him and talking to him because he kept walking away. I haven't talked to him since that day. I'm not sure what happened if he mistook me for a madman, but I just hope he realized I was just so excited about my dog."

The expected long-term absence of The Miz leaves his tag team partner John Morrison in need of a fresh creative path. Having been part of a duo ever since returning to WWE in January last year, Morrison now stands alone.