John Morrison Speaks About His Relationship With The Miz

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John Morrison Speaks About His Relationship With The Miz

John Morrison is a WWE superstar and he appeared as a special guest on the After The Bell podcast, which is hosted by Corey Graves. John started working with The Miz in 2020, and he spoke about working with The Miz. The MIz returned to WWE in January 2020.

John Morrison appeared for the first time in WWE in 2002 as Johnny Nitro. He was a part of Tough Enough at that time and was the co-winner. He is a former Intercontinental Champion and a former Tag Team Champion. He won the WWE Tag Team Titles twice with The Miz.

John Morrison Speaks About His Long Friendship with The Miz

John spoke about continuing his friendship with The Miz even after John left the WWE. John spent nearly eight years away from WWE. He worked for many different promotions during that time.

John spoke about how he and the Miz were involved in each other's weddings as well. “I’ll start by talking about The Miz in the past tense,” John Morrison mentioned. “In the scheme of the wrestling business, there’s certain people who become really close friends, and there’s people who become friends and some you want to slap the potato chips off the table with.

When I first met The Miz, I thought he was a real [expletive] just like everyone else. When we started tagging together, I didn’t get a real chance to talk to him, and after we had done just our first loop of live events together and were in a car talking together, I was like – when he’s just with you and you’re talking, he’s a really great guy.

He’s loyal. He has the same dreams and hopes as everyone, and he’s in love with wrestling. He’s kind of funny but he thinks everything I say is funny, which is a confidence booster. It turned out to evolve and become more fun than I thought.

I was in his wedding, he was in my wedding, and we became more than just tag team partners and co-workers. We became real friends. When you’re working with somebody that you really enjoy the company of and you’re on the same wavelength and have chemistry on screen, it makes everything better.

There’s a lot of tag teams out there, The Usos, The New Day. They’re not three guys who hate each other and just show up to work every day. The New Day, you can tell, they’re best friends, and that’s kind of how I felt working with Miz”.