Seth Rollins reveals when his WWE contract will expire

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Seth Rollins reveals when his WWE contract will expire

Seth Rollins' WWE career began over a decade ago in 2010 when he signed his first deal with the Stamford-based federation after spending some time on the independent circuit. Following a short stint in FCW and NXT, Rollins made his main roster debut as a member of the Shield.

The trio enjoyed considerable success before they opted for the dissolution of the stable amidst general dismay. Seth is a four-time world champion, as well as having earned several tag team awards. The former US champion spoke in the latest episode of 'Broken Skull Sessions' hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin, in which he talked about his love for professional wrestling and his plans for the future.

The contract that binds him to WWE is destined to expire when his daughter is three or four years old.

Latest update on Seth Rollins

"I still have a couple of years on my contract" - revealed Seth Rollins. “I want to do everything possible in this time frame, after which we will see what happens.

I still have an immense passion for wrestling, but at some point, life starts to get more complex than when you were 20. My WWE contract is set to expire when my daughter is three or four and she's ready to go to school.

In any case, if my career ended tomorrow, I would be quite satisfied with the achievements I have achieved and the effort I have made for the company. My goal has always been to improve WWE in every respect and I have been able to do so.

I'm proud of it” - he added. At the beginning of 2019, Seth began a relationship with colleague Becky Lynch, which was made official a few months later. On August 23 of the same year, the Irish superstar made their engagement public with a post on Twitter.

On 7 December 2020, the couple announced the birth of their first daughter Roux. Speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Seth Rollins said McMahon invited him into his office in the summer of 2017. The WWE Chairman questioned Rollins’ "fire" at the time, which prompted an angry response from the former WWE Champion.

“I’m like, ‘Look, man, you just give me the ball and I’ll take it to the house but you’ve gotta give me the opportunity. You put me in a bulls*** situation where I’m kinda filling in in these spots and I’m not getting the focus that I deserve.

Give me the opportunity and you’ll see the guy that you wanna see. It’s not me, trust me, I put forth every night. I make every damn town, I bust my a** for you, don’t give me that s***.’ And he respects that, man, he respects when you do that, when you stand up for yourself,” Seth Rollins said.