A statistic certifies Roman Reigns' dominance

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A statistic certifies Roman Reigns' dominance

Roman Reigns is arguably the biggest superstar in the WWE. Since his arrival years ago, Vince McMahon's company has always believed in his qualities, but it is actually on his return to the company at SummerSlam 2020 that the now almost mythological figure we all know as Tribal Chief was born.

Many have tried, but the reality is that the main superstar of the company has asphalted anyone who got in his way, from lower-level wrestlers to true and authentic legends. Already in 2019, the WWE gave great prominence to the Big Dog which had a record of 87 wins and 11 defeats, a situation that changed for Roman in 2020 with 29 wins and two defeats but the reality is that Roman Reigns, from the day of victory of his title, he has never been pinned.

He won the title against Bray Wyatt a few days after his return to WWE and has had absolute domination ever since.

The statistic concerning Roman Reigns

In 2021 Roman Reigns holds a record of 19 wins and 15 losses but this statistic is not true as the WWE Universal Champion was never really pinned and therefore the losses came in Tag Team Match where only the teammate was pinned.

squad. The reality is that WWE has always protected the role of the Tribal Chief and still seems to have plans to do so. The Tribal Chief's latest 'victim' was Finn 'Demon' Balor, who was bizarrely defeated overnight in Extreme Rules' Pay per View.

When he was preparing to close the match Finn Balor had a problem with the ring with Roman Reigns who took advantage of it and won with a Spear. The next opponent for Roman Reigns is of incredible caliber, perhaps the greatest along with John Cena, or The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

The two will face off next month in the WWE Pay per View to be held in Crown Jewel's Saudi Arabia. Before we dive into the criticism, it is important to acknowledge that the Extreme Rules main event started off on a great note.

In fact, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor were brilliant until the final moments of the match. They had the crowd rallying behind them throughout their battle. The subtleties of their story-telling were intriguing for most of the Universal Championship match at Extreme Rules.

The difference in their respective kendo sticks and The Usos' expected interference played out very well. Even when Finn Balor hit Reigns with a low blow, it accounted for a deafening pop.