*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss will soon be taken off WWE programming

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*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss will soon be taken off WWE programming

On Sunday, the 2021 edition of Extreme Rules went on the air and among the protagonists, we also saw Alexa Bliss who, in front of her home crowd, returned to fight seriously after having focused on something else lately. The match took place against Charlotte Flair for the Raw women's title and it was an excellent match full of moves that highlighted the qualities of the two, even as athletes who know how to tell a story.

Unfortunately, Alexa Bliss and Lilly lost, who did not get the desired result, with the doll that was practically dismembered "alive" by her Queen who vented all her anger on her. But now what will happen to Alexa Bliss that she seemed very upset after what happened to her best friend of hers?

Backstage news on Alexa Bliss

According to Wrestling Inc, Alexa Bliss may be taking a break from wrestling for a while.

It was also added that the woman will even take a break for a few months, even if there is no precise time frame. Now, with the arrival of the Draft and the Queen of the Ring, we need to see exactly how the company will try to manage this situation for her and especially if Alexa will return to what it once was.

Charlotte wanted to destroy Lilly because she knows that Alexa has many qualities in and out of the ring and with that gesture, she almost wanted to break a spell that she kept imprisoned what was once a Goddess. Obviously, even with the end of the Thunderdome era, it certainly becomes more difficult to manage this character who started with dark magical powers and almost came to be someone absolutely normal.

Many Bliss fans are looking forward to her abandoning these dark garments to go back to the way she was before and maybe try more seriously to win the title she hasn't seen for some time. By tearing Lilly apart, Charlotte infuriated Bliss; this assault prompted Bliss to sit in the ring, devastated over the loss of her doll.

Lilly has been an integral part of Bliss' character, and she has played an important role in her recent feuds. Ever since aligning herself with Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss has added a darker, paranormal twist to her character.

Despite Wyatt being released by WWE two months ago, the former RAW Women's Champion has remained true to her gimmick.