*Spoiler* The Hurt Business got back together

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*Spoiler* The Hurt Business got back together

It had been in the air for a few days and in the end, the official came only with the new episode of Monday Night Raw tonight, when the WWE All Mighty, as well as former WWE Champion of the red roster, returned to accompany his former allies in The Hurt Business, with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander who have returned to stand by their old leader, after the departure of MVP, who will soon have to undergo surgery to a knee and to this will stay out of the picture for an indefinite time.

Without the fans suspecting anything, The Hurt Business reformed tonight, with the feud between Lashley and his arch-rival, who beat him for the world title just a few weeks ago, which was getting to the heart of it more than ever.

but with Lashley outnumbered, as Big E had New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on his side, while Lashley was left alone.

The Hurt Business reunited on Raw

The Hurt Business reunited tonight on WWE RAW, roughly five months after the group split up.

In a surprising twist, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander came out to assist Bobby Lashley during his match with WWE Champion Big E. Both Benjamin and Alexander wore Hurt Business T-shirts and taunted Big E, but they did not touch him.

Lashley seemed happy to see his two former allies back in his corner, judging from his expression, so it was clear that this reunion was intentional. Precisely during the opening match of Raw, valid for the WWE Championship, the two former members of the Hurt Business showed up at ringside, complete with a stable t-shirt, trying to distract the current champion, who then suffered a sensational Spear from his opponent.

Obviously, Big E did not remain at the mercy of his three opponents, as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods rushed to save their friend, causing the disqualification of the match, which Big E would have almost certainly lost otherwise.

In the end, to make everything easier, Adam Pearce thought of it, who called a Steel Cage match for the main event of the evening, where the winner was Big E anyway, after a huge Big Ending from the highest rope in the ring.

Again, both New Day and The Hurt Business were at ringside to annoy the two title contenders. Woods and Kingston evened the odds by coming to Big E's aid, and soon all six men came to blows outside the ring. The fight was broken up by officials and referees before Adam Pearce came out to make a huge decision.