*Spoiler* Goldberg returned to Raw

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*Spoiler* Goldberg returned to Raw

The last chance we saw Bill Goldberg fighting in the WWE rings came at Summerslam when the WWE Hall of Famer McMahon went to challenge none other than the WWE Champion of the time, Bobby Lashley, in a match that he saw losing, after the All Mighty had raged on his leg, preventing him from carrying out the contest.

At that juncture, Goldberg was in fact left crippled by the All Mighty, who then involuntarily attacked the son of the Hall of Famer, Gage, who had jumped around his neck from behind, thus taking a devastating Hurt Lock, which had asleep in the middle of the ring, with Goldberg who was furious at the sight of his half-passed son, because of the attack perpetrated by the hands of the All Mighty.

On 27th September, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Goldberg is then back talking via satellite against Lashley, with a promo that leaves their feud open for the foreseeable future. Goldberg returned to Monday Night Raw this week via satellite and had a message for Bobby Lashley.

As per reports, the two men will face each other at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in October.

Goldberg talks to Bobby Lashley

During the second hour of the Raw live broadcast, Bill Goldberg appeared on Raw's big screen, connected with a webcam from his home, with the Hall of Famer airing a promo entirely dedicated to his enemy of the moment, Bobby Lashley.

Obviously, Da Man doesn't believe Lashley's attack on young Gage Goldberg came by accident. In front of WWE cameras, Goldberg said he made a promise to his wife and child, which is one that will literally kill Bobby Lashley, although there has not yet been a match confirmed by WWE management.

Apparently, the two will clash shortly, probably in the rings of the next WWE Arab show, but one thing is certain, the challenge has now been launched, so it's only a matter of time, before the two go up once again on the ring and this time there will be only Lashley and Goldberg in the ring of the McMahon company and no one else.

Goldberg sent a message to The All Mighty when WWE Digital caught up with him some time back: "What I do care about is that dirty son of a b****, Bobby Lashley, and what he did to my son at SummerSlam, I just left the housee.

Gage, his shoulder's all jacked up. His neck hurts. God knows what a dude that size could have done to my son. So the objective has changed. I'm not coming for the WWE Championship. I'm coming for Bobby Lashley, his soul, and I will rip it straight from his chest." said Goldberg.