New details on Goldberg's WWE future

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New details on Goldberg's WWE future

On 27th September, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw was staged. It was the first episode after Extreme Rules' Pay Per View. Bobby Lashley challenged (in two segments) the WWE Champion Big E but failed to win the title again with the New Day member who legitimized his success.

At the beginning of the episode, Bobby Lashley and Big E challenged each other for the title but the intervention of the returning Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander and the New Day led to the decision to make the Main Event in a Steel Cage Match, then won again by the champion.

through the use of an extraordinary Big Ending. On the other hand, during the red show he intervened via satellite, making the return of him, Bill Goldberg. The wrestler returned to what happened to SummerSlam with Lashley not only winning by injuring his opponent but also attacking his son Gage hard, upsetting the entire WWE Universe.

During the episode Goldberg talked about how important it is for him to defend the family, he made a promise to his wife and had to defend his son several times and for this reason, he will return to destroy Lashley. A few weeks ago, Bill'd used similar harsh words to attack Bobby Lashley: "After what happened at SummerSlam what interests me is Bobby Lashley.

I don't care about any title, my goal has changed and I just want to destroy Bobby Lashley."

Latest update on Goldberg

According to colleagues, Goldberg was revived so early because WWE's goal is now clear and Vince McMahon's company wants a big match between the two heavyweights for Crown Jewel's upcoming Pay per View, scheduled in Saudi Arabia on 21 October 2021.

Last month there was talk of a possible return of Goldberg in some time yet but the most important wrestling company in the world has anticipated the times to bring Goldberg to Saudi Arabia. When Goldberg and Lashley met the last time, the match had to be ended because of an injury.

However, after the match Goldberg's son Gage attacked Lashley but was put in the Hurt Lock instead. Goldberg sent a message to The All Mighty when WWE Digital caught up with him some time back: "What I do care about is that dirty son of a b****, Bobby Lashley, and what he did to my son at SummerSlam, I just left the house.

Gage, his shoulder's all jacked up. His neck hurts. God knows what a dude that size could have done to my son. So the objective has changed. I'm not coming for the WWE Championship. I'm coming for Bobby Lashley, his soul, and I will rip it straight from his chest."