Possible spoilers on the 2021 WWE Draft

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Possible spoilers on the 2021 WWE Draft

In recent weeks, WWE has been heavily focused on its third brand, NXT, with the company's former gold and black roster becoming the "color roster" after WWE changed its format, the arena, the lighting sets and even the roster, presenting numerous new Stars from its development sector.

Just in the very last few weeks, several athletes from the latest hiring class have been introduced in front of the cameras, with NXT appearing to have become a veritable "seaport" of young stars about to emerge over the others.

Apparently, however, there could soon be new and further twists, with the 2021 WWE Draft which is now one step away and which could once again change the fate of its third brand. On top of the key moves already being discussed with both networks, Meltzer also reports that the NXT brand is currently planned to be part of this year's WWE Draft to "freshen up" both the RAW and SmackDown rosters.

The latest news on the 2021 WWE Draft

While plans could change between now and Friday, this is the working plan as of right now. It will be very interesting to see what the multi-colored brand looks like after the 2021 WWE Draft, as many of the cornerstones of the brand might be moving to the main roster to make way for the fresh batch of talent the company has been pushing on Tuesday nights for the past couple of weeks.

According to what was reported by the microphones of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, through the words of the usual Dave Meltzer, it would seem that even the third WWE brand could be part of the choices that the various television stations will make, in agreement with the McMahon management.

In fact, in the latest update of the well-known site, it was stated that: "Right now, NXT - there should be some people who will be drafted by NXT to refresh both brands. The person who told me also added that this idea could radically change tomorrow, but the impression is that a lot of people will leave NXT.

I don't mean many athletes, but different NXT personalities do. The guys from NXT should be a significant part of the Draft." All of this being a mere rumor, we just have to wait for the next episodes of Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw to find out if Dave Meltzer's words were just the classic. bar chat or if there's any truth behind its latest updates.