WWE had asked Adam Cole to change his look

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WWE had asked Adam Cole to change his look

One of the last big names to move from WWE to AEW rings was former NXT Champion and former leader of the Undisputed Era, Adam Cole, with Britt Baker's boyfriend who has returned to team up with his friends. former best friends of the independents: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Right after the All Out main event, Adam Cole presented himself in front of the All Elite audience, going to attack together with the other heel, the other former WWE Christian Cage and the Jurassic Express team, with the intervention of Bryan Danielson who thwarted the worst on that occasion.

Apparently, prior to his move to AEW, WWE had fairly serious plans for its NXT athlete, with a move to the main roster now imminent, but calling for a fairly drastic makeover, which Adam Cole did not. he was, however, inclined.

We are talking about a drastic haircut, which Cole had however already rejected several times.

WWE and Adam Cole's new cut

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known Fightful Select podcast, WWE had asked Adam Cole to drastically change his look for entry to the main roster, with a haircut that was necessary to "clean up" his character in view of the big jump in the main roster.

Apparently, however, Adam Cole was not in the least interested in the matter, with Britt Baker's boyfriend who twice rejected the suggestion of the management (which had eventually become almost an imposition) and instead preferred to seek his fortune elsewhere.

According to WWE, Cole should have been even more "transparent", both creatively and in what he did in the ring, with the athlete's style still looking a little gross for the company. In the end, Adam Cole refused all WWE requests, starting with the haircut and instead preferred to negotiate a whole new agreement with All Elite Wrestling, who welcomed him with open arms, with style and character.

that Cole has always had in his career, with fans starting to love him for that and will likely continue to do so. Though Adam Cole is no longer in WWE, he has built strong relationships with those in the global juggernaut.

One of the closest friends of the AEW star in Vince McMahon's promotion is Xavier Woods. Cole, alongside Cesaro and Tyler Breeze, were regulars on Woods' live streams. The four collectively called themselves "DaParty." However, soon after he debuted for All Elite Wrestling, Cesaro, Woods, and Breeze bid goodbye to Adam Cole in a heartfelt video.

Despite being unable to appear together due to their contractual obligations, Cole has stated that he has formed a bond for life with his "DaParty" friends.

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