*Spoiler* Serious injury for Eva Marie

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*Spoiler* Serious injury for Eva Marie

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to air a truly brutal ring and ringside segment, with Shayna Baszler, former NXT champion and former main roster tag team champion, who went for free to attack the beautiful Eva Marie, with the pink-haired athlete who was literally bullied and abused by the former MMA fighter, just as happened the week before to Shayna's former ally, Nia Jax.

Just as happened just seven days before, Shayna Baszler has seen fit to dismantle the steps of steel at the entrance to the ring, to use them as a weapon to harm the arm of the helpless Eva. After positioning her opponent's limb, as usual, Shayna didn't think twice and kicked the arm of the fluorescent-haired athlete, certainly causing obvious damage.

Eventually, Eva was escorted out of the stage by some members of the WWE medical staff, with this segment that left the fans thrilled, who even started yelling "One More Time" at the former fighter, to try to convince her to hit Eva Marie once again, who was never very fond of the WWE Universe audience.

Has the "Eva-lution" of Eva Marie come to an end?

As always, after these brutal attacks, the WWE medical bulletin also arrived, which is obviously the kayfabe bulletin, that is the one that continues to carry on the storyline presented by the WWE and not the real doctor of the girl, with Eva Marie who would have found a dislocation of the elbow hit by his opponent on the steps of Raw.

In the update reported on the official website of the WWE and on all its social networks, we read in fact: "UPDATE: Eva Marie was seen after Raw and was treated for a possible dislocation of the elbow following another brutal attack by Shayna Baszler."

For those who missed the attack arrived in a completely free way by the former couple champion of the McMahon main roster, we bring you the segment posted on their Youtube channel of the same company of Stamford, in which you can relive the brutality with which Shayna has raged on the elbow of the now defenceless opponent.

Shayna Baszler has taken out both Nia Jax and Eva Marie over the past two weeks. As a result, the two stars might return as a duo later this year to seek revenge. Both Marie and Jax get a tremendous amount of heat from the WWE Universe for various reasons. Pairing the two of them up could be a good direction for both women when they return to the company.