Jeff Jarrett comments on his Royal Rumble appearance

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Jeff Jarrett comments on his Royal Rumble appearance

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Jeff Jarrett spoke about his Royal Rumble appearance at the Chase Field in Phoenix in January. “I got the call and I said, ‘What’s the game plan? Where are we headed.’ They said ‘Double J.’ You’re talking about the original Double J? I’ve had a couple of evolutions – Jeff Jarrett in 1986 in Tennessee to WWF to WCW to TNA to AAA and a few places in between to New Japan and Bullet Club and all of that.

So, I said if I’m doing Double J, I’ve got to go all the way" - Jarrett explained. In January 2019, Jarrett was hired by WWE as a producer. He appeared as a surprise second entrant in the Royal Rumble match.

Jarrett proposed a duet with Elias, who seemingly accepted before smashing Jarett with his guitar as the match started leading to Jarrett's elimination by Elias. After the event, Jarrett was rehired by WWE as a producer.

Jarrett has had 81 championship reigns throughout his career, among them the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (six times), WCW World Heavyweight Championship (four times), WWA World Heavyweight Championship (twice), USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship (three times), and AAA Mega Championship (twice).