*Spoiler* Raw: Karrion Kross competed in a quick match

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*Spoiler* Raw: Karrion Kross competed in a quick match

Riddle speaks backstage and says that Orton needs to stay away from him also to avoid other RKOs, meanwhile AJ Styles and Omos watch him astonished. Enter Keith Lee, now referred to as BEARCAT, his new nickname. AKIRA TOZAWA VS KEITH LEE It is a massacre that sees Keith destroy the opponent and close in a short time with Ground Zero.

Meanwhile, interviewed at New Day backstage, Big E says he didn't imagine he would also see Shelton and Cedric tonight, but that's okay because tonight he will win in the cage, man to man. Like Lee, Karrion Kross competed in a quick match on WWE RAW, as the former NXT Champion went up against Jaxson Ryker and easily took control.

Karrion Kross taunted Ryker and frustrated him, and there was nothing the former Forgotten Son could do about it.

Raw: Karrion Kross taunted Ryker and frustrated him

Ryker was no match for Karrion Kross, and in the end, he had no choice but to tap out to the Kross Jacket submission.

The rematch for the title DAMIAN PRIEST VS SHEAMUS (WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH) Immediately Sheamus side grab with Priest who takes off and immediately takes a table, Sheamus reaches him and throws him on the steps, then hits him with Kendo Stick but Priest reacts, use of chairs and various weapons with Sheamus who seems to be in better shape, calls the Brogue Kick but Damian Priest hits him with a chair, Sheamus continues the assault but Damian Priest throws him on the table and closes with an extraordinary Reckoning, a nice match definitely to watch.

Damian Priest remains champion! Had he joined the Hurt Business, wrestling fans would have got to see the reunion of ‘The Beatdown Clan’. Back in his TNA days, King made an alliance with Lashley and MVP, which ultimately led to the formation of ‘The Beatdown Clan.’ King even praised his former mate Lashley during the interview.

He said, “But look, I’ve always known that Bobby Lashley was World Championship material. His work in the last year and a half has been out of this world... He’s an animal, he’s a walking tank. He can fight you, beat you up for real”.

During the interview, King also spoke about his desire to get back to WWE. He said, “I used to get a phone call like that, like once a month with The Hurt Business. ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I’m still under contract.’ You know if Vince wants to come to buy me out my contract that I’d be there in a minute.“