*Spoiler* Randy Orton did not show up on Raw

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton did not show up on Raw

JEFF HARDY, MANSOOR AND MUSTAFA ALI VS JINDER MAHAL, SHANKY AND VEER Ali and Shanky start with Mustafa who seems to make his speed prevail, but Jinder Mahal immediately intervenes, with a side shot, tag to Veer and Ali runs away and sends Mansoor into the ring, with Veer who immediately tarmac the opponent, then change for Jeff Hardy and Jinder Mahal, Manhattan Drop and a dropkick by Jeff who tries the Twist of Fate, Tag to Ali and Veer and after a couple of useless interventions, Veer closes Mustafa Ali with a Lariat.

Meanwhile, Bill Goldberg's home promo talking to Bobby Lashley and telling him that he made a promise to his wife and was to defend his son, after what happened at SummerSlam where Lashley injured his son, he will honor his promise to his family and make them pay for it.

Randy Orton did not show up on WWE Raw this week, and his absence left Riddle all alone to take on AJ Styles, who had the massive Omos in his corner. Randy Orton had been absent for several weeks before returning last month and won the Raw Tag Team Championships with Riddle.

It is believed the two men will have a lengthy reign as champions before a possible fallout.

Randy Orton was missing from this week's RAW

Riddle recently spoke about Randy Orton while speaking to SportsKeeda's Riju Dasgupta on his podcast.

Here is what the Original Bro had to say: “On camera we are complete opposite people, you know, because he’s very serious,” Riddle said. “He lights people on fire, I ride a scooter and kick my flip flops off.

We’re two different people on camera but off camera in the locker room we really connect, we’re cool, we get it”. WWE has announced the venue for Royal Rumble 2022. Not only is the venue here, but WWE have set the date as well!

The PPV is being hosted by The Dome. The arena can seat up to 82,600. However, the arena has levels which range from primary luxury suites level to terrace level. The other levels are a private club seat and luxury suite level and a concourse level.

The number of suites and seats on different levels differs, with the terrace level having the highest number with 29,400. While all the seats available may not be occupied, a number above 40,000 is expected at a minimum. Additionally, this is a major PPV, the one that kicks off the season.

Hence, fans from across the nation will want to be a part of the event. Moreover, WWE has a massive history with St. Louis, so Royal Rumble 2022 could possibly be one of the biggest PPVs of 2022.